Running Workx is a personal running coach service conceived to address the unique training needs of the middle-aged (+40) and older adult runner (55+).  As a “one coach” operation, you know exactly who will be coaching you, from week to week, month to month , year to year. I put an emphasis on personalized service, professionalism, and privacy. My primary focus is on providing you with the very best web-based coaching experience possible while advancing your running goals, emphasizing convenience and accessibility coupled with my desire to share my passion, experience and knowledge about running. My online coaching service is designed for timeliness and efficiency to address your busy family and professional life while making the training process as enjoyable as possible while advancing your running.


For those who happen to reside locally, I also offer optional in-person coaching sessions designed to augment my web-based coaching; and for non-running beginners /novices, I work closely with the City of Lancaster Parks & Recreation Department, offering classes for beginner running, wellness/fitness, and educational workshops in the Antelope Valley.


Running Workx LLC is a legally formed business entity registered in the State of California.






Coach Mike, Thank you for coaching me in Cross Country and for helping me improve so much and for all your encouragement while we were training.  I had a great time this year.
Thank you for all the positive work you have done. The athletes and program are far better because of your efforts.
Yesterday was the culmination of my 8-week training plan with Coach Mike. I was never a runner, but I was looking for an activity to help me in my efforts to lose weight and become healthier. Mike supported me through the whole process by believing in me, teaching me, and pushing me. He communicates with his clients and makes the experience unique. His training plans are focused and effective in achieving realistic goals. I learned a lot from Mike and am now able to apply the lessons he has given me to continue running. Thank you Mike for your dedication and commitment in providing me skills and confidence for my first 5K fun run.
Coach Mike, thank you for training us to go from zero (couch potatoes) to 5k! We credit our enjoyment and our ability to succeed to your awesome training techniques. Yesterday we completed our 5K with good timing after only eight weeks of training. Your eight week program was challenging, yet so enjoyable. Richard never thought after two knee surgeries that he would ever run again, yet now, thanks to your expertise, we have the confidence and strength to move on to a 10K! We are especially grateful that you're coaching taught us how to prevent injuries! We look forward to training with you again in the spring! Thanks again coach Mike!